How useful is the holistic approach to healing?

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It feels great, relaxing and healing…

Its wonderful how much benefit you can acquire through having holistic treatments, no matter if you are  young or old, fit or not. Simply call and make your appointment and we will talk about what type of holistic therapy you need.

Here are some examples of people talking about holistic approaches to healing. Read them and enjoy.

Organic Spa Magazine » Aromatherapy 101


It continues to surprise me how many folks are not aware of aromatherapy’s delightful and therapeutic benefits. It’s a regular part of every Mind, Body, Health seminar I teach and every beauty and wellness consultation I

Chakra Clearing and Balancing « Markham Healing Hands


This 2 and half hour workshop explores the basic principles of energy medicine including definition of chakras and the human energy field in context of physical and emotional healing . Learn to feel energy field, the colours, …

Reflexology is pleasant enough, but does it work? | Edzard Ernst


Reflexology foot massage is one of the most popular of all alternative therapies. Anyone who has ever had a session knows why: it is a strangely pleasant and oddly agreeable experience. Reflexologists massage your feet which can be

Perhaps after reading these articles you can understand a little more about the holistic healing approach.

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