What you can expect from your reflexology therapy

The benefits of reflexology

Reflexology can :

  • Relieve anxiety, stress and tension
  • Improve blood and lymph action
  • Unblock nerve impulses
  • Bring about homoeostasis

What to expect when having reflexology

  • The therapy lasts for approximately 1 hour
  • For all new clients this will include a full consultation
  • I start by giving a relaxing foot and leg massage
  • Then I will work all areas and reflex points working from right foot to left.
  • Once all reflex areas are stimulated, I finish the therapy with a relaxing leg and foot massage.

It is important to remember that Reflexologists do not diagnose. We are not doctors.
We are holistic therapists helping the body naturally and treating the body as a whole, thus creating a relaxed balanced environment for the mind, body and spirit.

The routines we perform balance the bodies systems enabling the bodies own healing mechanisms to kick in, therefore starting off the healing process within your own body.

I am sure you will enjoy your Reflexology therapy and feel the benefits Reflexology provides.


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