Where Does Reflexology Originate From?

                            The History of Reflexology             

Reflexology dates back to ancient Egyptian times as far back as 2,330 BC. Wall paintings were found in a tomb known as the physicians tomb and the pictures there showed the feet being treated. The Egyptians were sitting in a row treating each other.

Modern reflexology really began in the 1900’s with Dr William Fitzgerald.
In 1917 he wrote a book called Zone Therapy after he had been using his techniques to relieve pain. He first worked mainly with the hands, applying pressure in certain areas would cause an anaesthetic effect in other parts of the body thereby relieving pain.This was the very beginnings of reflexology as we know it today.

Eunice Ingham was tutored by Dr Fitzgerald.
She was a therapist at the time and she felt that although he was getting very good results with the hands that the feet were more sensitive as in fact there are 7,200 nerve endings in the feet.

She started her own investigations probing the feet with thumb and finger movements. She made a map of the feet corresponding to the anatomical areas of the body. Points in the feet she called the reflex points.

In 1938 she wrote her first book called “Stories The Feet Can Tell”. It was the launch of reflexology as we know it today. Her methods are now taught all over the world.
Her nephew Dwight.C. Byers carries on his aunts work today with his courses seminars and books.

After Eunice died at the age of 85, he set up the National Institute of Reflexology. This was to protect her teachings.
He has also written a book called “Better Health With Foot Reflexology”. This was the first book I bought when I was studying to be a Reflexologist. I found it such an informative book –  it was and still is one of my favourites.




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